Move cloud-native

to IoT world

Where IT resources are limited
and performance matters

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Main Benefits


shorter response time

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less CPU usage

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more requests served

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If you are looking for a solution:

  • to easily and quickly write and run applications in any language
  • to manage native applications for performance and resource savings
  • to manage containerized applications
  • to automatically deploy applications
  • to automatically scale applications
  • to upgrade applications without interruption
  • with platform-wide, uninterruptible updates
  • with environment monitoring
  • with central log management
  • with fast communication between applications, load balancing and service mesh
  • with the ability to quickly set up a clustered environment in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid
  • with easy management and writing applications for edge/iot devices
  • with Linux class operating systems on processors in Aarch_64 (Arm), x86 (Intel, AMD) architecture
  • to save processor working time
  • to save RAM memory usage
  • to save power/battery
  • with easy and fast communication between edge/iot devices including load balancing and service mesh

then Onteon IoT is perfect for you.

Main features


Supports containerized applications


Single point of automated cluster management


Online upgrades of applications


Supports non-containerized applications


Easy attaching of new nodes


Support for x86 and Arm devices


Built-in communication with load balancing and service repository


Online upgrades of platform


Built-in orchestration



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Move cloud native

to IoT world

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